Sunday, March 25, 2018

How The Week Should Look

For many years, I've been trying to figure out why many of us feel so disconnected with time, and with the living physical world in which we exist.  Recently, it occurred to me that the week COULD be organized in a way that would correspond with the natural world, and with the natural cycles of development we observe in ourselves as living human beings.
I'm sure you are aware that the days of the week are not randomly named.  They are named after the seven visible "planets" or celestial bodies.

Monday = Moon's Day, ruler of emotion, mystery, and the deep
Tuesday = Tyr's Day, Norse God corresponding to Mars (Martes)
Wednesday = Odin's Day, Norse father God corresponding to Zeus or Jupiter.  However, as the Spanish word for this day is Miercoles, which signifies Mercury, there is some confusion here.  Odin does bear some similarities to Mercury, such as being the inventor of language in the form of the runes.
Thursday = Thor's Day, the Norse thunder God, also corresponding to Zeus or Jupiter
Friday = Freya's Day, Norse Goddess of love corresponding to Venus
Saturday = Saturn's Day, relating to Kronos, the Titan, the ring-pass-not or boundary, time, order, and schedules.  However, Saeter is the name of Loki, the Norse trickster God, possibly corresponding to Lucifer.  Interesting that this day is recognized as the Sabbath (day of rest), or seventh day
Sunday = Sun's Day, obvious correlation with Apollo and Christ, the light of life

But how does this help us as we cycle through each week?
Why would we start the week honoring the watery, subconscious energy of the moon??
Why, if Saturday is the day of rest, do we start the week on Monday?
Where does the number 7 come into the picture, and why?

So here is what I've concluded.

The seven days of the week are meant to correspond to the seven visible celestial orbs, as well as the seven major chakras in the physical body.  If we organize things this way, watch what happens:

Monday = Saturn's Day, the muladhara (root) chakra; dark red or even black; dense and durable, like lead; a day for grounding, and getting back into the weekly schedule and routine; building a foundation for the days ahead; focus on the legs and feet as the foundation of the body.

Tuesday = Mars' Day, the svadhisthana (sacral) chakra, red-to-orange, fluid and seeking movement like blood, associated with iron partly for this reason; a day for beginning to move from the foundation out into the week, exploring connections with others as we seek to expand and explore.

Wednesday = Jupiter's Day, the manipura (solar plexus) chakra (I know solar implies sun, but this is only because of its location...the energy of this day is most definitely Jupiterian!), connected with individual growth and development, and taking charge of one's own life and path, celebrating the personality with spontaneous creativity, playfulness, and joy.  The color of Wednesday is yellow.

Thursday = Venus' Day, the anahata (heart) chakra, the color green, the expression of love through actions and energy. This is a day of balance, as it lies exactly midway through the week (the entire week, not just the "work week"), expanding on the outward seeking of Tuesday, and deepening those connections with acts of kindness and gratitude.  When most people are looking forward to Happy Hour as the work week is drawing toward a close, the person celebrating in this way would be energized very differently, feeling an increase in vibration from the energy that has built through the week to this point! Incidentally, "anahata" is a sanskrit word meaning "unstuck."

Friday = Mercury's Day, the visshuda (throat) chakra, the color of turquoise to bright blue, associated with communication and creativity, a day of expressing oneself and one's TRUE VOICE out into the world!  Friday can also be a day to practice active listening, and work toward bringing ideas into physical expression through language.  As was stated earlier, Mercury (also known as Hermes) was the messenger and scribe of the Gods, and gave humanity the gift of language.  Friday is the day to celebrate this gift with zeal, integrity, and empathy.

Saturday = Sun's Day, the ajna (third eye) chakra, indigo in color, associated with vision and intellect and the deliberate activities of the mind, such as pattern recognition.  Inspiration can happen on this day as the pattens of the weekly activities settle into a more relaxed neurological soup.  This is a day to celebrate outside, the first day of the week when work is not the primary focus, but a day filled with energy and activity.  This is a day for pinics, celebrations, and festivals.

Sunday = Moon's Day, the sahasrara (thousand-petaled) chakra, violet in color, moving toward the invisible part of the electromagnetic spectrum, corresponding to the moon's mystery and association with the deep, and even it's connection with what many people call death.  This is a day for deep reflection, and the development of wisdom and mastery.  It is the end of a cycle, and when we fall into sleep on that Sunday night, we can look back at the growth that has occurred, and look forward with hope to the beginning of a new cycle.

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